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    10 Projects To DIY Your Way Back To School

    Another summer is already coming to a close. But that doesn't mean you can't make some rad stuff to mentally prepare yourself (or your kid) for another year of getting educated!

    1. Pack It Up

    Purl Bee / Via

    You probably already have an industrial Army-grade backpack for your books, so slip a cute, colorful drawstring bag over your shoulders to carry the rest of your back-to-school essentials.

    2. Pencil Pushers

    See Kate Sew / Via

    What's better than pulling a fresh set of pens and pencils out of an adorable pencil pouch? Not too much!

    3. Beep Beep...

    Claireabellemakes / Via

    ...who got the keys to the Jeep? Make a quick beaded keychain to add a little visual aid to your morning-rush key-finding endeavors.

    4. Always Prepared

    Very Shannon / Via

    Classrooms can feel like an icebox, but an easy reversible infinity cowl will keep you toasty and (hopefully) awake during those long, thoroughly engaging history lectures.

    5. In Case of Emergency

    Michelle Patterns / Via

    Driver's license, student ID, meal cards — keep them all in one safe place with a cute little fabric card case.

    6. Keeping Tabs

    Tambouille / Via

    Between highlighting and turning down pages, your school books are going to be ripped to shreds before you know it. Washi tape and paper clips make great bookmarks, and better yet, you can create color-coded systems to help you stay organized!

    7. Tech Specs

    Lovely Indeed / Via

    Haul your iPad to class in a seriously decadent gold leather case like the power learner you are!

    8. Update the Basics

    Alexandra Davidoff / Via

    Just because you want to be comfy at school doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Update some basic tees with a bit of sequin edging for a subtle style statement.

    9. Write Away

    Brunch at Saks / Via

    Make note-taking way more fun with some glitter-ized writing utensils!

    10. Note Master

    Miss Amy Phipps / Via

    Double goes for where you're taking your notes! Colorfully marbled covers also ensure no one swipes your notebook by mistake.

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