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    Jul 22, 2013

    10 Jewelry DIYs That Have A Way With Words

    Whether you want the world to know your name or your current emotional state, spell it out with a rad word jewelry project.

    1. OMG Necklace

    Or perhaps "WTF" better captures your essence.

    2. Credit Card Necklace

    You're going to be cutting that cancelled credit card up anyway, so turn it into a nameplate necklace.

    3. Very Cool Necklace

    Understated. Get the DIY here.

    4. Can Do Bracelet

    But wearing your incessant love for Hall & Oates is definitely something you can and should go for.

    5. BFF Necklace

    Way less messy than pricking your fingers and becoming blood sisters. Get the DIY here.

    6. Name Necklace

    Shrinky dinks REPREZENT. Get the DIY here.

    7. Love Ring

    Your snookums' ring finger is feeling totally naked without this adorable ring.

    8. Scrabble Tile Letter Ring

    9. Letter Safetypins

    Junior high may have been the last time you wore safety pin jewelry, and that's the charm of it. Get the DIY here.

    10. Hey Necklace

    Just a casual and flippant "Hey."

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