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10 Very-Last-Minute DIY Gift Ideas

Don't be a grinch — you can make these easy gifts in no time.

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3. Pom Trim Scarf

Carry On Carry On / Via

Got some leftover fabric? Glue a bit of pom pom trim to the edges, wrap it up in some fancy tissue paper and give it to your little sister like you just spent a week's worth of groceries on that baby at Anthropologie.

4. Two-Hour Cowl

Lauren Dahl/Kollabora / Via

Save this one for someone you really like. Because two hours of your time shouldn't be wasted on that girl from HR who gives you hella side-eye every morning while drinking her 48-ounce pumpkin spice latte.


5. Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Unskinny Boppy / Via

Because who doesn't want to have baby soft skin and smell like peppermint. Actually, you're secretly wishing the peppermint part on your cubicle mate because that overpowering cloud of FANTASY Britney Spears "eau de parfum" she brings into the office every morning is slowly burning away the lining of your nasal passages.