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    10 Very-Last-Minute DIY Gift Ideas

    Don't be a grinch — you can make these easy gifts in no time.

    1. Placemat Clutch

    Mckenzie/Kollabora / Via

    A cloth place mat, super glue, some seam tape, and a magnet and you've got one chic little party bag to hand off to your BFF. That giant BBQ sauce stain on the front? That just makes it one-of-a-kind.

    2. Mason Jar Cookie Kits

    Jen Carriero/Kollabora / Via

    You don't have time for baking! Toss the ingredients for your fave cookies into a mason jar and then conveniently invite yourself over to your neighbor's place to partake in the results.

    3. Pom Trim Scarf

    Carry On Carry On / Via

    Got some leftover fabric? Glue a bit of pom pom trim to the edges, wrap it up in some fancy tissue paper and give it to your little sister like you just spent a week's worth of groceries on that baby at Anthropologie.

    4. Two-Hour Cowl

    Lauren Dahl/Kollabora / Via

    Save this one for someone you really like. Because two hours of your time shouldn't be wasted on that girl from HR who gives you hella side-eye every morning while drinking her 48-ounce pumpkin spice latte.

    5. Peppermint Sugar Scrub

    Unskinny Boppy / Via

    Because who doesn't want to have baby soft skin and smell like peppermint. Actually, you're secretly wishing the peppermint part on your cubicle mate because that overpowering cloud of FANTASY Britney Spears "eau de parfum" she brings into the office every morning is slowly burning away the lining of your nasal passages.

    6. Leather Soled Mittens

    Sewbon/Kollabora / Via

    Put that stack of ugly, grandma-gifted sweaters to good use by repurposing them into some funky mittens and always be able to find your friends in a crowd.

    7. Scrapbook Tile Coasters

    The Cottage Mama / Via

    In an extreme case of desperation I guess you can hack a few tiles out of your shower wall and slap on some scrapbook paper? Or you can check out your local Home Depot. Your choice.

    8. "French" Lockets

    InstaCraft/Kollabora / Via

    Take a few coats of your favorite OPI or Essie color to a blank locket to give it a certain "je ne sais quoi."

    9. Stitched Pillow

    House of Earnest / Via

    Add your mom's favorite pet silhouette to a throw pillow so whenever you visit you're always reminded that she does indeed love the dog more than she loves you.

    10. Braided Leather Bracelet

    Bubby and Bean / Via

    Braid up a few straps of leather cord and remember to actually give them as gifts and not just stack them up on your own wrist like a boss.

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