10 Insanely Fun Holiday Projects To Make With Kids

And they’re not-so-secretly just as fun for adults.

1. Crayon Melt Ornaments

The Swell Designer / Via

Just a few crayon shavings and a hair dryer and you’ve got some gallery-worthy tree baubles.

2. Cross-Stitched Gift Tags

Whimsy Love / Via

Simple cross-stitched tags are an adorable way to decipher gift recipients. Unless you have too many people in your family who look alike…

3. Snowy Scenes

Girls in the Garage / Via

Create pretty wintery Mason jar scenes with small toys and cotton batting.

4. Party Crackers

Tan // Squirrelly Minds / Via

Little ones will love helping you makes these party crackers. Stuff them with candy or small gifts and POW!

5. Window Stickies

Growing a Jeweled Rose / Via

Make fun, reusable window stickies with glue, food coloring, and cookie cutters.

6. Geo Advent Calendar

Ama Ryllis / Via

Fold up a modern advent calendar stuffed with all kinds of fun little surprises.

7. Spice Pinecones

Marie Nowinski / Via

Let their creativity run wild helping you add a little glam to some pinecones. Just don’t forget to bake ‘em first!

8. Super Stars

Ama Ryllis / Via

Finish up that tree decor in a snap with easy paper stars.

9. 3D Tree Mobile

Sarah / Via

Use bold printed paper to fold up a cool 3D tree mobile.

10. Bubble Wrapping Paper

Alisa Burke / Via

Get the whole family involved with making unique wrapping paper using bubble wrap, string, and more!

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