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    Posted on Dec 2, 2013

    10 Holiday Decor Projects You Need To Make Now

    Stop slacking, start making, and get your home styled up for the holidays.

    1. Last-Minute Floral Arrangements

    Lia Griffith/Kollabora / Via

    If you have some leftover cocktail napkins from Thursday's turkey throwdown, use them to make pretty paper flowers you can put in vases on the mantle, add to a centerpiece, or string on your holiday tree.

    2. Let it Snow

    Holly Jones/Kollabora / Via

    Even though we hate digging our cars out of it on cold mornings, we think warm climate dwellers are seriously missing out on one of the most beautiful parts of winter: snow! Grab some scissors and recreate the magic indoors for all of the beauty with none of the gross melting aftermath.

    3. Door Decor

    Claireabellemakes/Kollabora / Via

    Everyone loves a good holiday wreath, especially my grandma. A fabric wrapped version is a cool way to shake up the traditional fake foliage and oversized ribbon combo.

    4. Shake it Up

    Julie Ann Art / Via

    What's better than a snow globe made out of a mason jar?! Not much, we say!

    5. Ornamental

    All Things Paper/Kollabora / Via

    These rolled paper poinsettias are the perfect addition to your tree or the wrapping on the packages underneath it.

    6. Trimming "Trees"

    Squirrelly Minds/Kollabora / Via

    How do people go through toilet paper so quickly?! We wonder the same thing on a daily basis, but now you have a valid use for all those discarded rolls...

    7. Spell it Out

    Design, Dining, and Diapers / Via

    You can't deny that even in the midst of all the chaos, the holidays are still the best time of the year, so say it loud with oversized Scrabble tiles.

    8. Fluffy Stuff

    Barbara Bamber/Kollabora / Via

    Because snow covered trees are only beautiful if you're viewing them from the comfort of your temperature controlled home.

    9. Light a Fire

    HGTV / Via

    No mantle is complete without a bit of gilded decor, and these mercury glass votives are way easier to make than you think.

    10. Hanging Out

    Jessica Rebelo/Kollabora / Via

    We're actually not sure what holiday need these little ornamental DIY beads fulfill, we just know that we like 'em!

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