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    10 Quick And Cozy DIYs For Fall

    Transition into autumn with these ridiculously easy projects.

    1. Patchwork Cowl

    Very Shannon / Via

    Put those leftover fabric scraps to good use with a fun print mashup cowl.

    2. Painted Leaf Animals

    Handmade Charlotte / Via

    A great project to do with your kids! Turn leaves from the yard into adorable animal art.

    3. Gilded Pillows

    Wild Ink Press / Via

    You can sew these from scratch, or upgrade store-bought throw pillows with a little bit of gold fabric paint.

    4. Embellished Skirt

    PS I Made This / Via

    Dig out an old skirt and give a fall-worthy upgrade with a few stitches of lace.

    5. Rustic Bouquet

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Add a touch of autumn color to your home decor with a beautiful paper flower bouquet.

    6. Fall Hoop Embroidery

    Positively Splendid / Via

    Celebrate the changing of the seasons with some easy leaf embroidery.

    7. Bold Chains

    Mark Montano / Via

    Cold rhymes with gold, which is why you should up your fall bling factor with some serious jewels.

    8. Textured Wall Art

    Design Love Fest / Via

    Add a textural element to your interiors with richly colored wall hangings.

    9. Hanging Vases

    Ama Ryllis / Via

    Savor the last bit of your beautiful summer blooms with pretty hanging wall vases.

    10. Simple Votives

    Paper and Stitch / Via

    Create some autumnal ambience with modern cement votive holders.

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