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    10 Ways To DIY Your Way Into Fall

    From arm warmers to coffee cozies, these are the things you need to be making for autumn!

    1. DIY Blanket Cape


    Nothing says autumn like tried-and true plaid. This DIY fleece cape will help you transition seasons in style.

    2. DIY Caramel Apple Kit


    Fall is apple-picking season, and that means caramel apples are on your DIY list.

    3. DIY Boot Liners


    Keep the chilly fall air at bay with these adorable boot liners.

    4. Heart Blanket


    You're going to be spending a lot more time indoors now. Maybe it's time for a cozy, colorful blanket?

    5. Crochet Wrist Warmers


    It's not quite cold enough for gloves yet – but a pair of wrist warmers should be just the right fit.

    6. DIY Tea Cup Candle


    The scent of clove and cinnamon oil in these DIY candles is just right for fall.

    7. Knitted Mug Warmer


    Sadly, iced coffee season is over. Keep your tea or coffee warm with this cute knitted mug sleeve instead.

    8. Felted Acorn Garland


    Bring the outdoors in with a felted acorn garland.

    9. DIY Glitter Rainboots

    10. DIY Hat


    How can you celebrate autumn without hats?! Start knitting yours now – and remember, hats make great holiday presents, too.

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