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    10 DIY Ways To Treat Yo'self For Valentine's Day

    Who says Valentine's Day is just for couples? It's the perfect time to celebrate yourself too!

    1. Fancy up an old pair of kicks

    Erin Sewbon/Kollabora / Via

    Oversize ribbon laces make just about any pair of shoes feel special — even those beat-up old Converse sneakers you haven't washed in three years.

    2. Make yourself something shiny

    Jessica Gerblick Abbott/Kollabora / Via

    You can do fancy all by yourself in a killer sequin maxi skirt, amirite?

    3. Soak it up

    Jen Carreiro/Kollabora / Via

    Light some candles, grab a book, and spend an hour or so regaining your sanity in the bathtub (wait, does anyone in New York even have an actual bathtub?!).

    4. Slip into something comfy

    Tea/Kollabora / Via

    Roommate out with her boo? Perfect time to lounge around in your undies, dance to some Mariah, and pretend you live by yourself (we know it's unrealistic, but hey, a girl can dream).

    5. Eat your bling

    6. Pretty up your workspace

    Vanessa Hewell/Kollabora / Via

    Yes, your mouse does in fact need a pretty little fabric mousepad.

    7. Revive your tresses

    The Beauty Department / Via

    Day after day of flat irons, hair dryers, dye — give your poor hair a freaking break already!

    8. Glam up your space

    Home Depot / Via

    Betcha didn't think it was this easy to faux your way to a zebra skin rug, did ya?

    9. Pucker up

    How Does She / Via

    Just because you're not making out with someone on Valentine's Day doesn't mean you're, like, never going to make out with anyone ever. Be prepared with an edible lip scrub 'cause that's totally a double win.

    10. Pour yourself a stiff drink...

    Emily Jeffords/Kollabora / Via

    ...into some gold-dipped glasses. You deserve it.

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