10 DIY Ways To Survive Six More Weeks Of Winter

Since Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Groundhog Day, it’s time to be prepared for that last bit of winter smackdown.

1. Learn how to arm knit.

PinkWhen / Via

It’s all the rage with the kids these days, so hunker down with your chunky yarn and learn how to make an easy infinity scarf.

2. Turn some old sweaters into cozy new pillows.

Turned to Design / Via

Shrunken, misshapen, out of style? Cut ‘em up and turn ‘em into some comfy new home decor.

3. Make yourself a serious quilt.

Dear Stella Design/Kollabora / Via

Dude, you’ve got six extra weeks on your hands — you can totally pull this off!

4. Stitch up a toasty cardigan.

Caroline Hulse/Kollabora / Via

What’s better than curling up by the fire in a warm cardigan with a mug of hot cocoa? Not much. Not. Freaking. Much.

5. Keep your lips in shape.

Free People / Via

The combination of dry indoor heat and bitter winter cold has an incredible way of sucking every last bit of moisture out of your lips. A homemade coconut oil lip balm is just what you need to get those babies back at Angelina Jolie status.

6. Make over beat-up winter boots.

Sincerely Kinsey / Via

Scuffs, scratches, salt stains — don’t toss those much-loved winter boots just yet! A simple fabric revival will have keep ‘em around until you’re ready to bust out those summer sandals again.

7. Domo-ize your winter gear.

Carmen Jorissen/Kollabora / Via

Hey, if you’re going to freeze you may as well have some fun with it!

8. Play in the snow (sort of).

Hostess with the Mostess / Via

On second thought, stay inside and make these candy cane cake pops that just look like cute little snowballs.

9. Pom that hat!

Squirrelly Minds/Kollabora / Via

Our motto for this winter has been #putapomonit and that goes for all (OK, maybe just some) of your winter hats.


Jill Dorsey/Kollabora / Via

…to winter. Stitch how you really feel about getting stuck inside until March :(

Not cool, winter. Not cool.

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