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    Mar 31, 2014

    10 DIY Ways To Ring In The Spring

    Easy decor projects to help you bring a little bit of sunshine into your space!

    1. Strike it rich.

    A Beautiful Mess / Via

    A little bit of gold paint turns just about anything, even used honey bottles, into standout end table accessories!

    2. Sunny (painted) skies.

    Imagine Gnats / Via

    Add some sunshine to basic kitchen towels with some stencils and a few dabs of paint.

    3. What's new is old.

    Jamie/Kollabora / Via

    A little distressing makes standard glass candlestick holders look like a rare estate sale find!

    4. Print, fold, decorate.

    Ellen Giggenbach / Via

    An array of colorful folded paper vases are just the spring pick-me-up your mantel needs!

    5. Go for the green,

    Squirrelly Minds / Via

    Spring is the perfect time to liven up your space with a little greenery.

    6. Party all the time.

    VJuliet / Via

    What's better - a bowl full of confetti or a bowl MADE OUT OF CONFETTI?!

    7. Indoor flower shower.

    Ditch the crystal and make a chandelier our of cascading paper flowers instead.

    8. A colorful welcome.

    House That Lars Built / Via

    Turn colorful tee shirts into an eye-catching rug.

    9. Art on a dime.

    Hayley Giambalvo / Via

    Paint a few plain canvas hangings in contrasting colors and create bold, abstract wall art.

    10. Serve in style.

    Unsophisticatedcook / Via

    Make colorful spring cocktails pop with an equally colorful painted serving tray!

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