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    10 Easy DIY Projects To Make For Mother's Day

    She brought you into this world, and she can take you out — so make her something nice, why don't ya?

    1. Show her the sparkle

    Caroline / Via

    Ok, so you can't shower her with diamonds just yet - but you can make her pair of pretty little earrings that she'll appreciate far more!

    2. Step up her scarf game

    Sew DIY / Via

    Add an artsy touch to a basic scarf with just a few swipes of fabric paint.

    3. Fancify her morning coffee

    Setting for Four / Via

    Take mom's morning coffee (or tea) up a notch with a comfy knitted cashmere cup cozy.

    4. Go for the gold

    Emily Jeffords / Via

    Cocktails at your parent's place won't ever be the same after you surprise her with a beautiful set of gold dipped glasses!

    5. Add a personal touch

    Meg Meyers / Via

    Show off your handiwork with a set of monogrammed napkins or hand towels!

    6. Keep her zen

    Jen Carreiro / Via

    Keep mom calm, cool, and relaxed with some scented votives.

    7. Update her throw pillows

    Kate Smalley / Via

    A little bit of knitting, a little bit of stitching, and a whole lot of cool for mom's interior decor!

    8. Personalize her stemware

    Caroline Hulse / Via

    Because your mom deserves better than boring old wine glasses!

    9. Chill out

    Lion Brand / Via

    A knitted aromatherapy eye pillow is just what your mom needs to help her relax after a long day.

    10. If all else fails...

    Tan/Squirrelly Minds / Via

    ....grab her some flowers. Just make sure you spend a little bit of time whipping up a chic vase to hold those pretty blooms!

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