10 DIY Father’s Day Gifts For Dad

Give him a styling (and useful!) gift, because he deserves it.

1. Drink in style.

Urban Comfort / Via

Personalized whiskey glasses show Dad you think he’s a class act (sort of).

2. (But save the tabletop.)

Marie Nowinski / Via

Double the class factor with a set of abstract painted coaster. Dad ain’t got time for no condensation rings!

3. Provide tech support.

Man Made DIY / Via

Get in touch with his inner geek by turning a vintage graphic novel cover into a cool iPad holder.

4. Help him travel well.

Fairgoods / Via

Step up your dad’s travel game with a sleek embossed leather luggage tag.

5. Tie one on.

The Purl Bee / Via

Don’t just buy him another boring old tie this year, stitch one up in a cool fabric or knit him some one-of-a-kind neckwear.

6. Wipe your feet.

Wes John-Alder / Via

Climbing rope woven into a giant knot rug is way cooler than your standard “Welcome” mat.

7. Remember my name.

Caila Made / Via

So when you’re asking to borrow his credit card (again) you can point out how much use he’s getting out of the beautiful leather card holder you made for him!

8. Get fancy.

Creme de la Craft / Via

Sometimes dad needs a little help in the “get fancy” department so why not make him a pair of awesome cufflinks out of some unique vintage buttons?

9. Scuff-free.

Martha Stewart / Via

Help dad keeps his kicks scuff free with an easy-to-stitch drawstring shoe bag.

10. No key left behind.

Anastasia / Via

Wine corks turned into a, for lack of a better term, cork board - makes a great way for dad to keep track of his keys.

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