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    19 Insanely Easy DIY Projects That Are Perfect For Beginners

    It's a new year, why not learn a new skill?

    1. Arm Knitted Scarf

    2. iPad Sleeve

    3. Leather Necklace

    4. Newbie Knit Headband

    5. 7 Embroidery Stitches

    6. Embroidered Notebooks

    7. Wire Bow Ring

    8. Fabric Scrap "Mug Rugs"

    9. Upcycled Jewel Box Clutch

    10. Wire Wrapped Pearls

    11. Crochet Greetings

    12. Painted Napkins

    13. Pillow Covers

    14. Marbled Pendants

    15. Memo Boards

    16. Bitty Booties

    17. Easy Quilts

    18. Statement Rings

    19. Leather Coin Pouches

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