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27 DIY Ways To Make Your Home So Much More Cozy

Going outside is totally overrated. Stay in and make stuff instead!

1. Copper Candle Holder

2. Crochet Floor Mat

3. Faux Fur Chair Covers

4. Twinkling Room Divider

5. Doily Bowls

6. Cherry Blossom Branches

7. Shag Rag Rug

8. Crochet Heart Pillow

9. Book Page Wall Hanging

10. Knitted Pouf

11. Cozy Quilted Pillow

12. Pretty Pom Flowers

13. Lacy Votive Holders

14. Toasty Love Quilt

15. Comfy Stash Pillow

16. Knit Coffee Cozy

17. Rustic Placemats

18. Custom Cord Basket

19. Little Paper Topiary

20. Stitched Wall Calendar

21. Sweater Lampshade

22. Embroidered Art

23. Fabric Frames

24. Hand-Knotted Wall Hanging

25. Felt Floor Pillows

26. Tufted Headboard

27. Teacup Candles

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