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    10 Perfect DIY Projects For Your Pup

    Because man's best friend deserves some extra-special gifts.

    1. Feed Me!

    A Beautiful Mess / Via

    Never mind the fact that they can't read what they say, these cool wood burned eating and drinking bowls will make a cool, minimalist addition to your doggie decor.

    2. Gimme Shelter

    Our Nerd Home / Via

    Keep your pooch cozy with a mid-century style DIY bed!

    3. Tote 'Em

    Martha Stewart / Via

    Schlepping your pooch through the subway (or bus, or bike...) is a lot more fun and comfortable with a modified canvas tote!

    4. Spoil Their Dinner

    Simmer Til Done / Via

    Pumpkin is a great stomach soother for puppies, which is why these homemade Pumpkin Dog Treats are basically the best of both worlds!

    5. Always Prepared

    The B Line / Via

    Stash your keys or poop-pick-up baggies in this cool collar pouch!

    6. On the Line

    Courtney Mahaney / Via

    Because your pup deserves a handcrafted leather leash!

    7. Carry On

    Instructables / Via

    Who knew you could turn old cargo shorts into a functional carry-all for your pup's toys (and maybe a few of your things too...)?!

    8. ID, Please

    Martha Stewart / Via

    A cute way to make sure your stray pup makes it back home safely.

    9. Rain Check

    Novita Estiti / Via

    Let's be honest, they probably hate going out in the rain to do their duty just as much as you do.

    10. Tug of War

    Bark Post / Via

    Add a little DIY to playtime with an upcycled jersey chew toy!

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