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    10 Easy DIY Ways To Add Some Marble To Your Life

    Fake your way to some rad new pieces with easy marbling ideas and techniques!

    1. Marbled Clay Necklace

    Jo-Ann / Via

    Make a statement with jagged marbled beads whipped up from Sculpey clay, which is basically Play-Doh for adults.

    2. Marbled Stationary

    Mint Design Blog / Via

    Everyone loves a handwritten note, especially when it's on gorgeous marbled paper.

    3. Marbled Kicks

    Fall for DIY / Via

    Basic slip-ons are taken up a notch when marbled with Mod Podge and nail polish.

    4. Marbled Gift Boxes

    Design Mom / Via

    Wrap up those gifts right with adorable DIY'd marble gift boxes.

    5. Mabled Wall Art

    A Beautiful Mess / Via

    Large scale photos get a modern art touch with a bit of nail polish marbling.

    6. Marbled Laptop

    Passion for Fashion / Via

    An easy way to add an extra dose of style to your tech.

    7. Marbled Plant Coasters

    Sarah / Via

    Natural cork just begs to be marbled, and it's way easier than you think.

    8. Marbled Place Card Holders

    Almost Makes Perfect / Via

    Dress up your dinner party with pretty little marbled place card holders.

    9. Marbled Purse

    Kirsten Nunez / Via

    You can teach an old bag new tricks! Add a marbled touch to a vintage purse for some seriously eye-catching style.

    10. Marbled Chairs

    Design Sponge / Via

    Because who wouldn't want to sit on such a gorgeous chair?

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