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    10 DIY Bags For Literally Everything

    Never wonder how you're going to carry anything ever again.

    1. The Grocery Bag

    michellepatterns / Via

    Make a cute grocery tote that's easy to stash in your everyday bag or even carry as your work tote.

    2. The Everyday Bag

    Ruthy S / Via

    A quilted cross-body bag that fits all of your essentials perfectly.

    3. The Makeup Bag

    See Kate Sew / Via

    Keep your makeup brushes, lip glosses, and mascaras in one place with a chic suede and leather zipper pouch.

    4. The Laundry Bag

    Design Love Fest / Via

    Stop schlepping around that beat-up old nylon laundry bag and update to a sturdy (and painted!) canvas version.

    5. The Party Bag

    Katy & Laney / Via

    Be ready for every party in 2015 with a sleek gold clutch.

    6. The Work Bag

    The Inspired Wren / Via

    Carry all the work necessities in a custom-lined tote bag.

    7. The Weekend Bag

    Stephanie / Via

    Pack it up and get away for a bit with a carry-on-size weekender bag.

    8. The Undies Bag

    Create/Enjoy / Via

    Never worry about mixing up your "wash" vs. "wear" intimates while you're traveling again.

    9. The Coin Bag

    Sew DIY / Via

    If you're going to have to cart around loose change, you may as well do it in an adorable bunny coin bag.

    10. The Rucksack Bag

    Casa Crafty / Via

    Just because you're not in school anymore doesn't mean you're too old to strap on a classic rucksack.

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