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Here's What Kohl's Is Doing To Celebrate Black History Month

In Celebration Of Black History, Kohl’s Curated An Incredible New Line Of Products & is donating $100,000 to Alliance for a Healthier Generation to help support the health and well-being of Black families.

Celebrating Black History Month is always important; but this year, it's more important than ever. That's why Kohl's created their Diversity Design Council. Kohl’s in-house Diversity Design Council is a group of associates who work to develop, purchase, and curate culturally relevant products.

Father and daughter wearing Kohl's T-shirts.

Kohl's took this opportunity to uplift Black voices and allow them to be heard. Through this initiative, Kohl's Diversity Design Council has created a special line for Black History Month that showcases art by Black designers.

Two young boys wearing the original Kohl's design shirts.

They let the artists do the talking and bring their visions of Black History, Black power, and Black excellence to life.

These designs were created by Black artists for Black people (and allies!)

A multiracial group in Kohl's T-shirts.

So be bold in your Blackness and celebrate Black History this February and all year round! Head to Kohl's to check out the full line and learn more about the Diversity Design Council and Kohl's efforts to support Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Woman wearing Kohl's T-shirt.

Images via Kohl's