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12 Presents Your (Yes, Your) Parents Will Actually Love

Kohl's has something to delight everyone on your list — and something for you: Kohl’s Cash!

1. An end to their forgotten password woes:

2. A cute travel mug for the dog mom:

3. The perfect assistant to simplify their life:

4. A pillow that seriously does it all:

5. Peace of mind inside the home:

6. The perfect game for the Christmas cinephile:

7. A wallet for the dad who doesn't toy with his money:

8. A new blow-dryer to make getting ready a snap:

9. A belt and tie organizer for the dapper dad:

10. A beautifully simple pair of diamond earrings:

11. The ultimate addition to a tool kit or tackle box:

12. And the very important gift of a great night's sleep:

Images courtesy of Kohl's.

Shop Kohl's this holiday to give your parents the kind of joy they've given you over the holidays. Presents for them, Kohl's Cash for you!