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11 Ways To Keep Your Shower Under 6 Minutes

Because long showers just aren't mainstream anymore. Kohler is encouraging everyone to reduce their water usage by taking shorter showers with their CommitToSix campaign. The Earth's thirst is real.

So, we all love showers. But studies show that a 10-minute shower could use up to 25 gallons of water, possibly even 50 gallons depending on your showerhead.

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Here are some ways to cut down your shower time to six minutes and really up your water conservation efforts.

1. Stop using shower time for cry time.

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We know it's the perfect place to let out all those emotions, but if you're going to be an efficient shower taker, you gotta hold it together. If you must, just shower with your own tears instead.

2. Race the clock: Set a timer.

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Use a portable timer or set an alarm on your phone to ensure you stay under six minutes. REMEMBER: DON'T CRY.

3. Or put on your favorite six-minute song or playlist.

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You already sing in the shower — might as well have some background music to go along with it. Make it a sad song if you're already feeling emotional.

4. Wash your hair. Or don't. You can skip some days if it saves you time. We won't tell.


Some studies show that washing your hair every day can lead to a loss of nutrients and overall have a negative impact on hair health. Also, consider using a 2-in-1 shampoo-conditioner combo.

5. Reserve your teeth-brushing for non-shower hours.


Sure, you may think it saves you time in your morning routine to brush your teeth while under the metallic rain god. But you'd use a lot less water if you didn't. Plus, with the time you're saving with your new six-minute shower regimen, it all evens out anyway.

6. And try not to shave during your shower.

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Instead of shaving during it, put the tub stopper in while you shower and use the pooled-up water to shave with after. Alternatively, you can keep a cup or small bucket in there with you to collect some post-shower shave water. As an added bonus, it will also keep you company.

7. Watch scary movies with shower scenes until you are so scared of the shower, you only want to stay in there for six minutes or less.

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You have a lot of movies to choose from. Good luck.

8. OK, but seriously, try taking a "navy shower."


A navy shower is a method of showering where you first turn on the water to rinse yourself. You then turn the water off to lather your hair and body with shampoo and soap and then turn the water back on again to rinse yourself clean.

9. Or consider making your shower a cold one. / Via

Based on many studies about cold-water immersions, taking colder showers repeatedly could have similar effects, such as increased immunity, increased energy, weight loss, decreased stress, refined hair and skin, and improved breathing and blood circulation. You'll probably scream a few times, but hey, that's better than breaking down emotionally.

10. Stay in bed until you have only 15 minutes to get ready in the morning so you'll have to take a quick shower.

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Nothing will get you moving like the possibility of being late. Use that adrenaline to your advantage. Push through the tears and get to work on time.

11. And of course, to be the most efficient, you can just never shower again.


Turn your shower into a permanent party box. Congratulations, you no longer cry in the shower! Now other people will cry when they smell you.

Kohler is bringing showers to Bonnaroo this year. They're also launching a CommitToSix campaign, and if you pledge to take six-minute showers here, they'll donate $1 to The Nature Conservancy, in partnership with the Bonnaroo Works Fund.