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3 Mattresses That Will Help You Rock Someone’s World

If you’re not having Romance on one of these mattresses, it’s time to upgrade your bed game.

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When it comes to Romance, your mattress can be the best (or worst) wing person around. Think about it — it lifts you up when you need it the most and helps you relax a little so you can be more comfortable in your most intimate setting.

And just like good sleep, having a solid mattress can make all the difference when it comes to achieving that perfect rhythm with your partner.

So, it seems the million dollar question is: which mattress is the best for Romance?

For starters, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your neighbours will hear what’s happening (at least not from your mattress). A certain level of bounce and motion responsiveness is required for the optimal ambiance, and of course, your mattress needs to be supportive and durable enough to handle whatever level of activity you and your partner get up to.

Luckily, we rounded up the top three mattresses that fit the criteria for your Romance playground — unless of course you actually wanted to talk to a mattress salesman about the Romance benefits of your mattress…

Nest Bedding - The Love Bed

If any bed was meant for love making, it’s definitely the one that has ‘love’ in its title. This mattress was designed specifically for Romantic night, so naturally it makes the list.

What makes it so great? It’s a high quality latex mattress that doesn’t squeak, is quite bouncy and responds quickly to movement, so it’s a solid surface for doing the deed. Not only that, but the mattress is covered with a bamboo blended fabric that makes it super comfy and inviting.

Pros: designed specifically for nighttime activities, good bounce level, allows for discretion, keeps cool, 100 night trial period.

Cons: while this mattress is great for Full night Romance, its comfort level for sleeping is standard with average pressure relief; lower quality foam

Brooklyn Bedding

It’s no surprise that Brooklyn Bedding is on the list. It is latex mattress, which is known for its ability to gently contour to your body shape, but still give enough bounce for bumping and grinding.There is 4 inches of latex, which is enough to provide the feel of a traditional coil mattress. Although latex is muchmore responsive than memory foam, it is known to retain heat.

Unlike the Love Bed, the Brooklyn Bedding gives better pressure relief which allows you to choose any position you like — for Romance or for sleeping. Plus, the mattress is durable and won’t wear out before you do.

Pros: bouncy, made in the US, two layers of latex, high quality materials

Cons: heat retention, latex can be a problem for some

Silk and Snow

There’s a new mattress on the block and it’s the latest in sleep innovation. Silk and Snow is a premium memory foam mattress that is the perfect hybrid of foam and latex. It’s the best kind of comfy out there — the urge to get close to your partner and cuddle will be hard to resist.

But the best feature is probably the fact that it’s a self-cleaning mattress. If you need to fix more than just the sheets after your rendezvous, the mattress cover is designed for easy removal and made from an antimicrobial textile, so cleaning your mattress after Romance is stupid simple.

Pros: super comfy, good bounce, antimicrobial and easy to clean, durable and made with high quality materials

Cons: it’s so comfortable that you partner will probably be snoring right after Romance.

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