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Can You Survive This Creepy Choose-Your-Own-Adventure?

The answers you choose will decide your fate!

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You're at home watching TV on Halloween night when suddenly a breaking news broadcast interrupts your show. The newscaster reports that creatures have invaded your town, and if you're bitten, you will turn into a zombie! You're urged to stay indoors and lock your windows and doors. No one else is home — you're all alone. The news has barely sunken in, but you've got to start preparing.

  1. You hear peculiar sounds coming from all corners of your home. You just pray that no creatures or zombies have already entered the house. What is your first move?
    Don’t believe a single word of it — it must be some kind of joke.
    Curl up into a ball and cry.
    Poke your head outside real quick to see if there is any commotion.
  2. Dark shadows begin to dart around the room, always managing to keep just out of sight. A loud tapping noise can be heard coming from one of your kitchen cabinets. What do you do about the sound?
    Ignore it. Surely it will go away.
    Open the cabinet and see what’s making that awful noise.
    Get as far away from the cabinet as you can.
    Try to find something useful to lock the cabinet closed.
  3. Suddenly a scaly creature leaps from the cabinet. Its sharp pointed teeth glisten as its snake-like eyes seem to stare deep into your soul. You luckily manage to dodge its first attack, but it's still after you. Where will you run?

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    Outside. I need to get the hell away from this house!
    To my room. Maybe I could barricade myself in there.
    To my car. They definitely won’t be able to get me there.
    To my bathroom. That has a lock on it, I’ll be safe there.
  4. You’re safe for now, but you can’t stay here forever. You decide to take your chances and head over to a nearby friend’s house. You reach the house and knock on the door. They invite you inside, but something seems a bit off. What should you do?

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    Trust my friend and go inside.
    Berate them with questions to figure out if they're actually a zombie or not.
    Don’t take the risk and keep on running.
    Kill my friend and lock myself in their home; it appears to be danger-free.
  5. Before you can decide, your friend launches at you. You try to shake them off, but it’s no use! You feel their teeth bite down on your arm. You finally manage to get them off but you’ve already been bitten. What will you do?

    Cut off my arm so I won’t turn into a zombie.
    Just leave it and become a zombie, I don’t want to live in this world anymore!
    Embrace my zombie fate.
    Try to cut off the circulation to my arm, maybe that will stop (or at least slow down) the process.
  6. Arm or no arm, you’ve got to run. You aren't safe. Your eyes search frantically, trying to find a place to hide. You become surrounded! Suddenly a dog launches itself at one of the creatures, giving you a clear getaway. But what about the dog?!

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    Leave it. It seems to be capable of protecting itself.
    Call the dog to follow you. You'll be safer if you stick together.
    Just run, forget the dog. JUST RUN!!!
    Get past the zombies and then make sure the dog is OK.
  7. You get past the horde safely, but realise you’re still being followed! Will this nightmare ever end?! You see an open manhole in the middle of the road. Will you take your chances in the sewer?
    Nope, I’m not going in the sewer. I’d rather just die.
    As long as there are no creatures in there, I’ll go.
    Sure, why not? I’ve already gone this far.
    No way. I’m probably already going to turn into a zombie anyway.
  8. Before you can even decide, the dog knocks you down the manhole. You wait for your eyes to adjust to the darkness to get a better look of your surroundings. All you can see is large gremlin eyes staring back at you! What is your last move?

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    Give up! There is no winning in this situation!
    Fight! I won’t ever stop fighting for survival.
    Bury myself in the sewer water, maybe I can mask my scent and keep hidden.
    Curl up into a ball, close my eyes and wish this nightmare would just end.

Can You Survive This Creepy Choose-Your-Own-Adventure?

You got: You were eaten by zombies!

You fought off the creatures and made your way out of the sewer. Just as you were leaving that stinky sewer, a horde of zombies surrounded you. You tried your best to fight them all off, but they eventually overcame you and devoured you within mere seconds.

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You got: You were eaten by those creepy creatures!

You tried your best, but the creatures eventually got the best of you — there was just too many of them! They didn't even leave enough of you for you to be able to turn into a zombie.

You were eaten by those creepy creatures! Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF
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You got: You survived!

It's a miracle you got out of that sewer alive! You made all the right decisions and managed to escape the gremlins and the zombies. This isn't the end, though, hopefully you're prepared to begin a life on the run. Zombies will be a constant bother, but as long as you continue to make good decisions, you'll be just fine!

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You got: You lived... but you're a zombie!

Maybe it was the bite from your friend, or maybe it was one of the other 20 bites you received in the sewer — you'll never know. Frankly, you don't even care anymore. You'll spend the rest of your days roaming the streets in search of brains... delicious, juicy brains.

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