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21 Pressing Concerns Australians Have About American Food

You are all weird, but we can still be friends.

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1. Why are you so obsessed with Pumpkin flavoured everything?

Seriously, WTF is pumpkin spice?

Seriously, WTF is pumpkin spice?

2. And Oreos? What's so special about them?

3. And while we're on the subject of biscuits...

Just for reference.

4. If you want Australian cuisine, you won't get it here.

Because everyone knows Alice Spring is well known for it's quesadillas.


6. How many times do we have to tell you that Vegemite is not to be eaten straight out of the jar?!

Are you trying to kill yourselves?

7. A thin spread of Vegemite on some buttered toast, and you've got yourself the food of champions!

Get it now????

Get it now????

8. Why don't you have chicken salt?

9. It goes great on hot chips!

10. Cheese... in a can? And why is it orange?

11. So, jelly is "jello," and "jam" is "jelly," and... we're confused.

12. Why can't you just bring your own lunch to school? And why don't you eat it outside?

13. This.

14. Since when does Target sell groceries?

15. Why are your portion sizes so massive?

16. You have so many different cereals to choose from! That is a PLUS.

17. Chicken parmasean? "Parma" or "Parmi" are also perfectly acceptable.

18. WHAT IS THIS??????????

19. Why do you put ranch on everything?

What's wrong with a bit of tomato?

What's wrong with a bit of tomato?

20. Which brings up another point... this is not called "ketchup."

21. And why do you deep fry absolutely EVERYTHING?!

America, please explain.

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