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    21 Times Groundskeeper Willie Was The Scotsman We All Love

    "There's no Angus McCloud in North Kilttown. Why, you're not for Scotland at all!"

    1. When he had this odd request.

    2. When he had very strong opinions of Scottish people.

    3. When he played an innocent game of basketball.

    4. When he gave this convincing speech.

    5. When he knew when enough was enough.

    6. When Super Nintendo Chalmers didn't make way for Willie.

    7. When he bumped into an old friend.

    8. When he truly was enjoying his job.

    9. When he taught Scottish history at Scotchtoberfest.

    10. And then he found out the whole thing had been a lie.

    11. When he couldn't catch a break in "Treehouse of Horror V".

    12. When he came clean about his secret hobby.

    13. When he really wanted to get Santa's Little Helper's attention.

    14. When he was singing in the rain, which turned out to be acid rain.

    15. When he tried to pass on his wisdom.

    16. When he tried to be a hero.

    17. When he briefly taught French class.

    18. When he took pride in his garden.

    19. When he was so done.

    20. When he explained why he wouldn't be able to fire a gun.

    21. And when he was the voice for an angry mob.

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