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    21 Abe Simpson Moments That Will Never Not Be Funny

    "Too much pie, that's your problem."

    1. When he tried to free Jasper's beard from the pencil sharpener.

    2. When he held up the checkout line telling one of his captivating stories.

    3. When he was quick to change his mind.

    4. When he taught Lisa about death.

    5. When he surprised everyone with his incredible abilities.

    6. When he did his Charlie Chaplin imitation.

    7. When he was just being a general pain in the ass.

    8. When he was surprised to see Bart working in a burlesque house.

    9. When he embarrassed Bart on "bring your grandparent to school day".

    10. When he got just a little bit confused.

    11. When he was open and honest with his son.

    12. When his parental advice was pretty terrible.

    13. And his ability to babysit was also questionable.

    14. When he got a job at Krusty Burger.

    15. When he got his beloved gun back.

    16. When Abe and Jasper were enjoying their juice.

    17. When he couldn't even last five seconds.

    18. When he wouldn't stand for Homer's inflicted tickle torture.

    19. When he spoke on his son's behalf after Homer was accused of treason.

    20. When he tried to relive his youth.

    21. And when he spoke this undeniable truth.

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