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    19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Suck At Conversations

    We already talked about the weather, what the hell do I say now?!

    1. Every time a conversation ends, you're just like, "Ugh, WTF did I just say?!"

    2. And your entire being just dies after walking away from a *particularly* awkward conversation.

    3. Even in text messages or internet chats, you question every single damn word you type.

    4. And if someone takes a while to reply to you, you start to panic that you must have said something wrong.

    5. When you first meet someone, you immediately forget their name because you were too busy worrying about saying your own name.

    6. If there is a group conversation going on, you certainly want no part in it.

    7. Because you don't know how to inject yourself into a group chat, which means you end up just listening to everyone else's conversations.

    8. But because of that, people always say you're an excellent listener.

    9. You like to really think through everything you want to say before you say it.

    10. And sometimes you'll even have an entire conversation with yourself — just so you can prepare for future scenarios.

    11. You feel completely fine with silence, but always worry that the other person might not be OK with it.

    12. Even though you're bad at talking to people, you always feel like you're the one trying the hardest to keep the conversation going.

    13. Sometimes you pray no one will start a conversation with you, just so you don't have to go through the whole ordeal.

    14. You've probably tried to Google "good conversation starters" or "how to make a good first impression" to no avail.

    15. You're always amazed by people who can strike up a conversation with literally anyone.

    16. And you adore chatty people who don't mind if you don't say very much.

    17. You're not sure how to properly end a conversation, so they always tend to drag on and on...

    18. Or you manage to somehow slip away from conversations, and hope they don't find you completely weird.

    19. But, hey! On the bright side, you're probably one of the most trustworthy people to ever exist.

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