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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Having Your Faith In Humanity Restored?

There are some incredible people in this world.

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This thoughtful worker.

Tumblr / faithinhumanityr

These two best friends.

Tumblr / sizvideos

This thankful pup.

Tumblr / Lulz-time

This group effort.

Tumblr / faithinhumanityr

This kind gesture.

Tumblr / tastefullyoffensive

This incredibly grown up and peaceful way of thinking.

Tumblr / demonhamster

This stylist who offers free haircuts to the homeless.

Tumblr / falld0wnevergetbackupagain

This story of a man who painted stairs because he wanted to make others smile.

Tumblr / archiemcphee

This 10-year-olds wonderful generosity.

Tumblr / webofgoodnews

This sympathetic display of kindness.

Tumblr / Brothertwig

This story about a kind stranger.

Tumblr / Humansofnewyork

This unusual school.

Tumblr / Frenchchairs

This unbelievably generous man.

Tumblr / faithinhumanity

This heart warming appreciation for a WWII veteran.

Tumblr / Buzzfeed

This incredibly touching rescue effort.


And this cute kid who made it on the news.

Tumblr / deducecanoe
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Is your faith in humanity restored?
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    Yes, I'm crying.
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