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29 Things You Only See In Western Australia

Sure, we're three hours behind the Eastern staters, but we're bloody tops when it comes to everything else.

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1. Bragging about having the best beaches.

Instagram: @australia / Via Instagram

From Esperance in the south to Cable Beach in the north and everywhere in between, we don't need to travel far to experience the best coastline in the world.


5. Drinking Emu Export.

Instagram: @slasher86 / Via Instagram

Is there anything more West Aussie than cracking an Export tinny on the beach?

6. And building things out of Export cans.

Instagram: @emmacarver / Via Instagram

Need Christmas decorations? No problem.

7. Obsessing over donuts.

There used to be a time when you could only get a good donut by packing them on the plane after an Eastern states visit. Well now Perth sports its own Krispy Kreme store and a world record to boot.

8. Playing six degrees of Heath Ledger.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

RIP Heath. Our finest and most talented WA export. And there isn't one WA person who doesn't have a friend or a friend of a friend who knew him. Forget Kevin Bacon, ask Sandgropers about their Ledger connection.


9. Hating Victorians... / Via Facebook

Look, we don't hate a lot of things, but back in the day those darn Vics used to steal our best footballers. Now we have two WA-based AFL teams, the rivalry isn't so bad, but we still remember and we still hold grudges.

10. But loving Melbourne.

Adam J.W.C. / Via

Don't be confused, there's a difference between Victoria and Melbourne. And we just luuuurve Melbourne and the shopping, and the coffee, and the casinos, and the cafes and the sparkling water.


16. Going to Bali on holidays.

Instagram: @lorryowilliams / Via Instagram

It's closer and the beer is cheaper. Nuff said.


19. Going to skimpies.

Instagram: @dalayva / Via Instagram

A great and classy tradition for WA country pubs.

20. Getting quokka selfies.

Instagram: @damoguy / Via Instagram

Worth going to Rotto for the weekend...


22. Supporting the Telethon with Fat Cat. / Via Telethon7 Perth

West Aussies are the most generous of people and to prove how generous they are, sandgropers come out in droves to support the 24 hour Telethon Spectacular hosted by Channel 7, where all proceeds go to medical needs of young people. Plus Australia's biggest stars (aka Home and Away folks) come and answer the phone while you pledge. And Fat Cat.

23. Wearing Hi Vis at the airport.

Instagram: @perthairport / Via Instagram

Sure FIFO work has slowed down, but that doesn't seemed to have stopped the standard WA work uniform.

24. Calling it POLONY not DEVON.

Instagram: @nettyd234 / Via Instagram

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