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11 Grown-Up Jobs That Would Make Your Childhood Self Proud

Dreaming big isn't just for kids. Koch Industries believes that being passionate about making a difference in the world never gets old.

1. Kid Dream Job: Superhero

Adult Version: EMT

2. Kid Dream Job: Mad Scientist

Adult Version: Chemical Engineer

3. Kid Dream Job: Space Captain

Adult Version: Astrophysicist

4. Kid Dream Job: Candy Farmer

Adult Version: Agronomist

5. Kid Dream Job: Superstar

Adult Version: Entrepreneur

6. Kid Dream Job: Explorer

Adult Version: Park Ranger

7. Kid Dream Job: Wizard

Adult Version: Welder

8. Kid Dream Job: Time Traveler

Adult Version: Archaeologist

9. Kid Dream Job: Toy Inventor

Adult Version: App Developer

10. Kid Dream Job: Builder

Adult Version: Contractor

11. Kid Dream Job: Leader of the Universe

Adult Version: Teacher

There’s a lot of good to be done out there. Koch Industries is committed to removing barriers to opportunity so more kids can achieve their dreams.