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The Benefits Of Having A Massage Chair At Home

The new lifestyle, overwork and stress often prevent us enjoy the good moments of life. Massage chairs give you the possibility to reach equilibrium 'body-mind' through the pleasure of a good massage. Massage chairs or so-called easy chairs serve to restore the vitality of the body, help regulate the hormonal system, blood circulation and lymphatic fluid and eliminate toxins and reduce muscle tension. They help reduce stress, insomnia and a large number of currently called "modern evils'.

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Daily use of a massage chair delays symptoms of fatigue in the user's muscles and reduces stress. Therefore facilitates relaxation and muscle recovery and can help improve insomnia caused by stress.

Based on an ancient technique of massage, shiatshu (pressure practiced by the fingers), these chairs provide us massages throughout our body with many benefits: improve our blood supply, tone, work and relax our muscles, help you sleep, prevent, relieve and relax all kinds of muscle ailments ect ... This kind of massagers chairs today have evolved to the point they are able to work with different programs from the soles of our feet, calves, buttocks, arms and all back from the lumbar to the cervical area. They are also able today by arms with jade beads, inserting pain relieving heat anywhere on our body, its quality and undeniable benefits.

With all these benefits in surprisingly little knowledge of this appliance so common elsewhere in the world and so strange in our country. Without being substitute masseur or physiotherapist, who Deveria go for both special problems to periodic revisions, this type of chairs enhance our quality of life. Properties and benefits of massage chairs:

They help relax the neck muscles

Soft kneading massage. These circular movements simulate the thumbs of a professional masseur, warms the muscles and helps the person to generate heat needed to relieve this discomfort, relaxing all the muscles that are loaded in that area. Moreover, under no circumstances touch the cervical vertebrae to produce no contraindications.

They help the lymphatic system and improve the circulatory system.

The lymphatic system is considered as an integral part of the circulatory system, the blood fluids provinentes return to it through the lymphatic vessels. Poor lymphatic drainage can cause swelling or lymphedema. The massage provides chairs stimulates the dormant and weak muscles pumping the circulatory system to compress and relax the muscles blood vessels, facilitating the transport of nutrients throughout the body and encouraging the exchange of blood that carries toxins by blood filled with nutrients. With vibration massage working legs return circulation is reactivated, thus avoiding these problems.

They help soothe muscle aches.

When muscles are tense or have been subjected to too much effort accumulate waste substances that cause pain, stiffness, and even muscle spasms. With this massage increases circulation to and from the muscles, and accelerates the elimination of these toxic and harmful substances. Simultaneously, the massage causes fresh blood and oxygen reaches the tissues, so that the recovery process is lightened injury. It also helps maintain muscle flexibility, reduce stress and depression and release endorphins, which give a sense of well being and help fight pain. Massage makes muscles develop strength and movement relieving pain and muscle stiffness softening.

It helps relieve the pressure of the back and neck caused by poor posture.

Poor posture being taken to sitting, stooping, standing, walking, etc. cause back pain and neck slowly unfolding in increasingly serious problems. This pressure felt in the back and neck relieved by a daily massage session, which runs from the lower back to the neck. With a stretch massage, stretching and will go back perfectly placed to get eliminate those annoyances caused by contractures, or mounted grips muscles.

It helps sleep naturally.

Currently insomnia is a common problem in many people due to the stress of everyday life. A daily massage before bedtime can help sleep, gentle movements that knead, stretch and patter skin free the muscles of the tension accumulated throughout the day, producing a balance between mind and body that relaxes and induces sleep placidly

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