13 Versions Of Internet Hell

The internet is great and all, but man does it suck sometimes. These are THE CIRCLES OF INTERNET HELL. At least it’s still better than actual hell, which you can test your knowledge of in Kobo’s new game. Visit http://www.kobo.com/thedescent to give it a try and you might win $5,000. #KoboDescent

1. Music auto-plays on website

While browsing the internet for the perfect hiking boots, you throw caution to the wind and click on someone’s personal adventure blog. Now you’re listening to Nickelback, and so is everyone else in your immediate area.

2. YouTube is loading slowly and you have to watch the player catch up with the loaded content

Almost…almost there…come on…nope. Loading.

3. You have a question and you accidentally click on the Yahoo Answer

Now you’re dumber.

4. Pop ups.

What is this, 1998? How did it best your superior defenses?

5. A video ad starts playing in any one of your 46 open tabs


6. A site that has a three minute flash intro with no “skip intro” option

All you want to do is RSVP to an engagement party evite. But first you’ve got to watch a Ken Burns style photo slideshow of the happy couple’s courtship.

7. Any un-ironic use of Comic Sans


8. When your Twitter feed is full of people retweeting compliments


“Oh that’s great! Great for you. Someone likes you. Glad I get to be a part of it.”

9. When someone is looking over your shoulder as you type a google search and some weird shit shows up in the drop down


Oh good! Now that guy you’ve had your eye on knows that you’re having bowel troubles.

10. When you have to “like” something in order to see something

You don’t care THAT much about this information.

11. You look at a wolf t-shirt ONCE on Amazon and now they’re always showing you things you might also like

A horse mask?? Alright, fine. That’s pretty awesome.

12. Page designs that were created for the sole purpose of confusing and infuriating you

Two of them are viruses, two are dead ends, one will sign your digital signature to a deal with the devil.

13. Spotify shows everyone you know that you’ve been listening to the Little Mermaid soundtrack


Cat’s out of the bag, now. Might as well embrace it.

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