It’s The World Pup!

Soccer just got way cuter. Get ready, it’s the Top 20 World Cup teams…in puppies!

1. 1. Spain’s Great Pyrenees is ready to tear up the field…with its cute fluffy face.

2. 2. Step aside Mesut Ozil…there’s a new star on Germany’s team, and it’s this Rottweiler puppy.

3. 3. Watch out Neymar, this Brazilian Terrier might be the new heartthrob of Brazil.

4. 4. Portugal’s Portuguese Pointer can walk himself AND own you on the soccer field.

5. 5. Argentina’s Dogo Argentino is ready to pounce on you…and slobber you with kisses.

6. 6. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppies are COMING AT YOU FROM SWITZERLAND.

7. 7. Do not let his wrinkles deceive you, Uruguay’s Cimarron Uruguayo is fierce…fiercely cute.

8. 8. Colombia may not have a native dog breed, but that does not stop this little guy from reppin’ hard.

9. 9. Balotelli…you have a new teammate, and it’s this adorable Italian Greyhound.

10. 10. England, you might just take home the win with this English Bulldog puppy (at least in the cuteness department).

11. 11. This Bloodhound’s face is only droopy because he knows how sad everyone is going to be when they lose the World Cup to Belgium.

12. 12. Greek Harehounds are best known for their superb tracking abilities…tracking their way to a WIN that is.

13. 13. This American Pit Bull Terrier looks like he’s about to take out the competition…but in reality he’s going to ferociously snuggle that ball.

14. 14. Chile’s Chilean Fox Terrier is going to charm his way to soccer domination with his good looks.

15. 15. This Keeshond is practicing his victory run for when the Netherlands take home the World Cup.

16. 16. Ukraine’s Ovarchaka puppies are plotting their next move…attack the ball or distract them with our cuteness?

17. 17. This French Bulldog knows France rocks in every sport. “See you at the French Open LOSERS.”

18. 18. Croatia could get eliminated for cheating…their Dalmatian has a camouflage advantange.

19. 19. Russia’s Siberian Husky can get down on the soccer field (and look cute while doing it).

20. 20. Mexico’s Chihuahua may be the smallest one in the game…and the most adorable.

21. NOTABLE CUTIES: These guys may not have made the Top 20 in the World Cup…but they’re surefire winners in the tournament of adorable-ness.

22. This Australian Cattle Dog and his obscure posture come from down under.

23. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Bosnian Coarse Haired Hound.

24. This sassy little Shiba Inu hails from Japan!

25. A dog adoption agency in Costa Rica invented their own breed to help rescue dogs find homes…this is the Dobernauzer!

26. They’re all so cute…do we have to pick only ONE winner?

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