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11 Struggles That Kinda Suck When Trying To Get A Decent Sleep

Always tired when out. Never tired when in bed. Ugh.

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1. First off, trying to even get to bed on time so you get that sweet 8–10 hours everyone recommends.


Keeping the habit of getting to bed without social commitments or, you know, that show you want to binge is hard enough. Yet, if you live to 80, you're spending 28 of those years sleeping. So it's kind of important.

3. Also debating with yourself for 20 minutes on whether or not you should read some more in bed or check your phone or watch something until you drift.

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It might not seem like a big deal, but using a phone or watching TV can have a huge impact on your sleeping. Bad idea.

7. ...just for you to check the time and it's only been 15 minutes.

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While this can happen, other potential issues can come up during sleep that can be worse such as sleep paralysis, which can be linked to certain medical conditions.

9. But then, on the flip side, sometimes the fault could actually be on your bed.

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Mattresses aren't meant to last. Actually, they're meant to be replaced after a decent amount of years. Yet people seem to hold on to them longer than suitable.

10. Often you try to be a hero, thinking you can function off two hours of sleep due to the amount of times you've done it before.

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Which can lead to sleep deprivation. Which can become just as dangerous as drink driving. Both causing severe road accidents.

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