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11 Struggles That Kinda Suck When Trying To Get A Decent Sleep

Always tired when out. Never tired when in bed. Ugh.

1. First off, trying to even get to bed on time so you get that sweet 8–10 hours everyone recommends.

2. Then if by some miracle you do get to your bed by a decent time, finding that sweet spot or side you like so you're comfy.

3. Also debating with yourself for 20 minutes on whether or not you should read some more in bed or check your phone or watch something until you drift.

4. Finally feeling that sweet bliss of drifting off...

5. ...only to hear the slightest little noise that JOLTS you wide awake again.

6. Or falling asleep only to have a dream JOLT you awake, leaving you thinking you've been asleep for hours...

7. ...just for you to check the time and it's only been 15 minutes.

8. You start going a little mad and curse out your bed when really it's on your poor choices.

9. But then, on the flip side, sometimes the fault could actually be on your bed.

10. Often you try to be a hero, thinking you can function off two hours of sleep due to the amount of times you've done it before.

11. Finally: Waking up regretting not trying to go to bed earlier yesterday or cursing whatever made you late to bed, vowing to try to be a better human tonight. Only to repeat the cycle all over again.

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