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Things No One Tells You About Applying For Jobs..

Tips to apply for a job

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1. When You Turn In Your Application, Wait A Week Or Two then Call Them Back To See If They Had A Chance To Look At Your Resume.

2. When you apply for a job in store ask an employee to see if a manager is working to see if there hiring.

3. Dress to impress

4. Alway show up early for a job interview. Like 10 to 15 minutes early

5. Research the job before you turn in an application.

6. Always apply for more then one job

7. Take your time filling out applications because sometimes it can take more than 20 minutes

8. Always update your résumé

9. Expect to work nights and weekends depending on what job you apply for

10. Ask questions when you get interviewed

11. Practice a mock interview with friends or family

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