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Things SNC Mail Center Workers Are Sick Of Hearing

Yes, we do more than just get your packages

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I didn't get an email, but can you just check if my package arrived?


Every time we scan packages the alert automatically goes straight to your inbox. So it didn't magically appear. But of course we'll go look.

All you guys do is get packages for people


HA. HA. HA. We wish this was true. We scan and deliver mail to the departments on 3 different routes, meter mail, sort mail, forward mail, assign keys to mailboxes, add the incoming freshmen to the system, delete the graduated seniors, add new employees to the system, deal with customers, and if there's nothing else to do we clean.

Thanks for delivering our packages, but we don't want them here, i'll show you where to put them


Our job is to only deliver your packages, not to help you rearrange them. We're on a time crunch between classes to do this for you, so we don't have much time. Also, they're not heavy at all or anything.

I don't want this box, can you go find another one?


We only have a limited amount of used boxes for people to ship out items, and the sizes are all super random, so sorry that we don't have one big or small enough for you. You can buy a padded envelope then, we know they cost money, but we can't help how many boxes we have.

But overall, we love working at the Mail Center


It's a laid back campus job that we have fun with it, and we're glad we can help you. So sorry if you're being a super nice customer and we seem crabby, we just had to deal with an annoying customer before.

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