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36 Reasons Sam Heughan Deserves An Amazing 36th Birthday

Kiltin' it since 1980.

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Sam Heughan's birthday is April 30, and it's no laughing matter. He may do a pretty awesome job playing Jamie Fraser on Outlander, but let's not forget to celebrate the man beneath the red hair and kilt.

1. Because he's full of pep.

2. And can do amazing pull ups.

3. His Jamie wink.

4. Followed by his actual wink.

5. Because he gets coffee just like the rest of giving Starbucks a fake name.

6. Because he knows how to juggle well.

7. Because he's too sweet.

8. And super modest.

9. Because he was good-natured about dressing up as a pirate at Comic Con. Check. Out. That. Eyeliner.

10. Because he knows how to wear a kilt and sit in one.

11. Because he started his own charitable initiative.

Daily Record / Via

12. Because well...why not?

13. Because he can do a hair flip well.

14. Because he makes really good innuendos.

15. Like really good.

16. And makes something innocuous sound tantalizing.

17. Because he looks swoon-worthy in a man bun.

18. Because he can do a Sad Affleck and not break character.

19. Because he dances for his fans occasionally.

20. Because he was a good sport in the rain and cold at the Tartan Day Parade.

21. Remember this?

22. Because he does a good James Bond impression.

Late Late Show with James Corden / Via

23. Because he knows how to make an entrance.

Live with Kelly and Michael / Via

24. He's loved by everyone.

Late Late Show with James Corden / Via

25. Even horses.

26. He indulges us with the answers to these questions.

27. Because he's got a good selfie game going.

Instagram: @samheughan / Via

28. LOL

29. Because he has an uncanny way of communicating more with his eyes than his words.

Starz / Via

30. Because he was heartrendingly phenomenal in this scene.

Starz / Via

31. He can literally rock any hair color.

32. Because this is how he looks during interviews.

33. Because getting pretend-flogged couldn't have been too comfortable but he still gave it his all.

Starz / Via

34. Because no one can say "Sassenach" like him.

35. Because he supported us through droughtlander.

36. And because he gave us the perfect Jamie Fraser.

37. Happy birthday, Sam!

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