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The Struggles Of The Post-College-Athlete Life

You mean I don't have my team's trainer yelling at me to finish the circuit? What do I...even do at the gym, then?

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You started off by selling and signing your soul to collegiate athletics


If you played a sport in college, you were probably recruited or walked on to the team; yay you! This is gonna be so fun!

Working out was part of every day life / Via

You got up, you showed up, you did it; you were working out for roughly three hours a day and not much thought even went into it

Run until you stay stop? Okay, that's what I shall do. / Via

No questions were even asked. Since you didn't have the option, you were there, doing what your coaches and trainers said, day in and day out.

You couldn't hide your muscles if you tried / Via

You were basically always toned because of the daily workouts. While sometimes unwelcome, muscles were always present

But then the glory ride comes to an end... / Via

Four years and countless miles of running later, the time has come to hang up your cleats and move on with life.

Suddenly the motivation isn't all there / Via

You mean I don't have an obligation to be in the weight room with my team at 9 a.m.? But...

But your lifelong athletic lifestyle guilts you into getting up / Via

Just because you graduated doesn't mean that that mindset of making your body do crazy things is gone. So you give the gym a whirl, but things are a bit different now

Running seems to be easy enough, I'll start there / Via

Without a trainer planning workouts with goals and structure, you try to just take a stab at it. It does not go well.

Ok, so running didn't go well...let's move to lifting / Via

What is this machine? I think it'll help give me some of that ol' arm definition back. It's not the same as pushups and planking, but I think I'm doing it right...

This just isn't the same as it was in college / Via

So you figure, why not have some fun with it?

Zumba? Sure / Via

Maybe you just need other people around, like your teammates were, or you just need to try something new. Now is definitely the time for it

While you definitely miss the burn after a really hard conditioning session or workout...

You know that those days are in the past, and getting to the gym is something that's gotta come from within you, now

But the beauty of it is, you don't have to do it if you don't want to / Via

Agree to disagree on the benefits of working out, but know that now, no one's making you do it every day

Basically, it's never going to be the same / Via

But toss in a workout here and there, and you just might be able to keep that shred of athleticism in your life. It just might hurt a little bit more now

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