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21 Reasons Why You Want To Be Danny Castellano

The Mindy Project's Danny Castellano is an adorable doctor played by the ridiculously good looking Chris Messina. He's the attractive, curt man that girls hate to love. He can be mean, but then say something so sweet, like a Sour Patch Kid that we can't help but want to hug. He may have a hard exterior, but we all know it's because he's been hurt by love, yet has the potential to love again. He's so great, and here are the reasons why you want to be him.

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1. He sticks to what he believes in

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Danny is old-school Staten Island and knows what it means to work for what you want. He doesn't take crap from anyone, and he makes that known.

2. He's honest

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Danny knows that people are self-critical and he doesn't partake in beating around the bush. While we all wanted to slap him for telling Dr. Lahiri to lose 15 pounds, his honesty can't be helped; it's who he is.

3. He's responsible

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He basically raised his younger brother, which makes him that much more attractive. And very little people know about it, so we know he's humble; and great with kids??????!?

5. He's sweaty

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Like, really sweaty. And who can blame him? How can anyone stay so pristine and pampered throughout a whole day? Everyone knows that active sweat glands are a sign of great metabolism, though...right?

6. He doesn't mess around with social media

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There's so much going on out there; who can blame him. He's trying, though, but his lack of participation in social media makes him that much more concentrated on his profession. And a bit more mysterious...

7. He gets love

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He doesn't like to admit it, but at the end of the day, he does. He has all of the feels deep down and he gets it (especially when he's helping Mindy write a letter to an ex, but really he's talking about this feelings towards her).

9. He's motivational / Via imgur

He knows how to push people to go the extra mile. In Mindy's case, it's the thought of saving Michael Fassbender from a well that's gonna get her more fit. But he cares to make people better no matter what it means.

18. He gives compliments

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He gave Mindy advice on what to wear for a first date, she took it, so he complimented her. Yeah, he's not always throwing compliments out there, but when he does, it means a lot.

19. He's (sometimes) dramatic

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He doesn't always use his most Danny-like skill of a realistic viewpoint, but it keeps him human. A dramatic strut through a desert, ending with kicking a cactus, is sometimes needed as an outlet.

21. He knows what he wants and he goes and gets it

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He tried to fight it for awhile, but he succumbed to his feelings and hooked up with Mindy, answering ALL of our prayers. Despite her pending relationship with Cliff, he went for it, a trait we all wish we were so bold to possess.

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