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Old Spice Asked Its Twitter Followers What They Would Ask Their Future Selves And The Answers Were Hilarious

Where's the nacho cheese spread from last night?

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Recently, Old Spice posed this hard-hitting question to its Twitter followers.

If you could ask your future self one question what would it be?


Obviously nature was a common theme.

@samguaiana @OldSpice Do you mean Water® or Water™? Things are a little different now.

@drhelldigger @OldSpice The circumstances that lead to the creation of baby Simon.

A lot of people were most curious about food, proving that some things never change.

@charlesv @OldSpice If we’re abiding by the New World Pizza standards, 37. But if I include injectable pizza the number is closer to 385,928

While others focused on the day-to-day.

@slstevens3 @OldSpice hmmmmm. I was about to ask you the same question.

@larryhova @OldSpice The 4th dimension. Sure, the 5th dimension is nicer but you can’t beat the holographic views.

Naturally, people wanted to get rich.

@Blackbelt_sam @OldSpice ⇧ § € ✎ ⁂ ◑ ◈ ✿ ⁂ € ◑ good luck!

@Skwirlyskwirl @OldSpice We’ve been living off royalties from the digital grilled cheese we invented in 2043.

@terrycrews Flying cars are my business. And business is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDD!!!!

But love is important in the future, too.

@nebeker_thomas @OldSpice We’re in a very healthy relationship with Thora, the latest personal finance app.

@Yepitisandy @OldSpice Meow's not the time to ask.

And, well, some got an honest look at the future state of their precious bodies and lifestyles.

@wildmanjrnc You're only as old as you feel, which is approximately 124 years old.

@PetterSwanberg @OldSpice Does a layover on the moon count?

@isaiahmustafa Glurb glub glub grrrb, gurg glub!

And we were all blessed with the answer to this pressing issue.

@agarwala @OldSpice The Omaha Space Vipers will make an amazing come back to beat the Des Moines Quasars 4,348 to 3,984 in the 7th quarter.

Thankfully, Old Spice ended things just as they got ~weird.

The space-time continuum has been patched. Thanks, everyone.

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