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How It Feels To Be Beaten To A Story By The BuzzFeed Staff

Nothing but respect and anguish to see here, folks.

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We need to talk about a thing that sucks rather significantly: the BuzzFeed staff writing about stuff that you were JUST GOING TO WRITE ABOUT OH MY GOD.

Stop being so fast, please.

Your roommate, a very cool human, suggests that you write a BuzzFeed post about it.

A splendid idea!

But alas, it's like, a million o'clock and you're too exhausted to do it justice.

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You'd need to be funny, make the necessary GIFs, and ~engage your readers~, and that's just not going to happen until you get some sleep.

"In the morning!" you say.

Then you decide that this tragedy warrants a BuzzFeed post of its own.

People care about my problems, especially if I put them in list form.

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