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A Definitive Ranking Of The Main Characters From "Girls"

Which of them pisses us off the least?

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"Girls" has entered its fifth season, so it's time to reexamine the characters and, of course, rank them accordingly. Let's start with the worst and get right to it.

9. Desi

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This one barely requires justification, especially since we got a nasty look at Desi's romantic history at the start of this season. He's talented and sexy, but his commitment issues are obnoxious as hell. The only reason anyone is putting up with him is because Marnie needs to figure this out for herself. Good luck, girl.

8. Fran

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The reality is that we just don't know very much about Fran at this point. He seems to notice a lot of the things that the audience notices about Hannah right away, especially her dramatic nature, but he eventually comes around and has been supportive ever since. But what to make of the nude photos of his ex-girlfriends? It's probably too early to tell.

7. Hannah

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To be fair, Hannah has grown up A LOT these past two seasons. She's making her own decisions, choosing healthier relationships, and being more honest with herself. However, her selfishness and debilitating insecurity when it comes to romance still make her one of the most insufferable characters on the show, no matter how much we can all relate to her.

6. Marnie

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Marnie is tough to analyze. In so many ways, she's the friend everyone wants. In spite of being the most uptight human being on the planet, she's talented, reliable, and always seems to be there when she's needed. But Marnie is still struggling to figure out how to be her own independent person, and it would be nice to see her stand alone as the queen she is without a man for validation (or with someone better than Desi).

5. Adam

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Adam's character is arguably the most painful to watch, but from the audience's standpoint, that's what makes him one of the best. Like Hannah, he's starting to figure out what he wants in both his personal and professional lives, and although some of his old immature habits have stuck around, Adam has shown more sensitivity and complexity since being a borderline-abusive mess in the first two seasons. Here's to seeing his wounds heal in season five.

4. Elijah

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Elijah is the perfect example of a character who started out small and has proven to be a very engaging character. He's reckless like many of the others, but his relationship to Hannah is more complex than it seems, and he isn't afraid to be straightforward with her when everyone else won't. Also, it's about damn time his love life took off in a healthy way, and we might see just that in season five.

3. Ray

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Ray is our favorite shining beacon of comedy, but that's not the only reason he's ranked highly on this list. He is equal parts sassy and sweet, and his transition from being Charlie's asshole friend to being one of the true adults of the group has been really cool to watch.

2. Jessa

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Jessa hasn't always been the most convincing friend, and her free-spirited attitude has left many paths of destruction. However, when she finds the balance between individuality and compassion, she's the sweetest character on the show. Jessa is certainly the most self-aware of the group, and she's been on an honest journey of personal growth since the very beginning.

1. Shoshanna

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It was a really difficult decision between Jessa and Shoshanna for the number one spot, but Shosh is running away with this one. Along with being the least hurtful of all the characters (aside from some fidelity issues), she's frank, driven, and knows what she wants. Season five is so exciting for fans of the show because Shoshanna finally gets the character development she deserves after proving that she can stand on her own better than anyone else.

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