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23 Thoughts You Have While Getting Ready For School

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1. Oh my gosh, I thought I pressed snooze, not off!

2. Where's my shirt? Where are my shoes? Where is my scrunchie? Mom?!

3. Wait, hold up, where's my phone? Mom?!

4. ::Checks Instagram::

5. OMG, I almost forgot to take a selfie. ::Takes 1389248929 selfies, uploads 1 to Instagram::

6. OK, outfit mirror check? Cute.

7. Hair mirror check? Not so cute.

8. Should I straighten my hair?

9. Maybe do some cute waves like Selena Gomez?

10. Ugh, no time for anything! Beanie it is!

11. Wait, should I take a new first day selfie with my beanie?

12. Nevermind, I'll just snap a selfie to my bestie, instead.

13. Should I snap BAE?

14. Nevermind, BAE snapped me first.

15. Where's my ride??

16. This day is already way tooooooo long.

17. Can't wait to be chilling in my fave sweats, TBH.

18. What time is it? Can we make a pit stop for snacks before school?

19. Ride's here? Do I have time for a mirror check?!

20. There's always time for a mirror check.

21. First day look? Yup, flawless.

22. ::Hair flip::

23. Let's do this!