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    If Chad's Quotes From "The Bachelorette" Were Motivational Posters

    "I think you're cool man. I'm glad I met you." -Chad to the Canadian. Me to Chad.

    For when you need a workout:

    For when you just need a drink

    For when life isn't what you expected

    For when the pigs are lost

    For when you have to make a toast:

    For when you need wilderness advice

    For when your friend is making life decisions:

    For when there are too many people on your date:

    For when you want someone to stay:

    For when you need a spot-on analogy:

    For when you need a new leader:

    For when you're explaining who your friends are:

    For when you need a quick solution:

    For when you need to give dating advice:

    For when you feel like reliving your glory days: