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19 Whovians Whose Christmas Game Is Too Strong

How do you even Christmas?


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2. This Whovian who decked the TARDIS.

And included Christmas cards from his companions.

3. This Whovian who is DARING you to peek at your presents.

4. This Whovian who is creating the perfect winter wonderland.

5. This Whovian who knows the real legend of St. Nick.

6. This Whovian whose decorating you will appreciate or else face EXTERMINATION.

7. This Whovian who made gorgeous golden Gallifreyan Christmas cards.

8. This Whovian who handcrafted every ornament on their tree.

9. This Whovian whose TARDIS game was so strong, her local fire department showed up to take pictures with it.

10. This Whovian who made a bubble universe that's bigger on the inside.

11. This Whovian who outed themselves during Secret Santa.

12. This Whovian whose Christmas tree is regenerating.

13. This Whovian whose caroling game puts you to shame.

14. This Whovian who handcrafted personal tear collectors for their best friends.

15. This Whovian who cross-stitched a Christmas Dalek to CELEBRATE.

16. This Whovian who knows that the best snowmen are made out of fat.

17. This Whovian who proved that everyone wants to be ginger(breads).

18. This Whovian who was like, "Do you even Photoshop, bro?"

19. Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue.