31 Tumblr Users That Are Not Okay

Abort abort abort.

1. This person who found the most effective way to police the human population.

2. This person who was too extreme for extreme toothpaste.

3. Every single person on tumblr talking about nipples.

6. This person who feels like the Flash.

8. Everyone talking about orgasms on this site.

12. This person who’s on their way to Desert Bluffs.

13. This person who is very sympathetic to the plight of belly buttons.

14. This person who is concerned about legs.

15. This future surrealist painter.

16. This pistachio lover.

17. This Adventure Time character.

18. This person who wants a sentient joint lighter.

19. This person who ate themself for breakfast.

20. This person who wants a darker, grittier Klondike.

22. ????????????????????

23. This person trying to get fresh.

24. This person who is harboring some intense feelings about the post office.

25. This person who doesn’t quite get how to person.

26. This person who connects to potatoes on a spiritual level.

28. This person in the midst of an existential crises.

29. This person who is afraid of flying.

30. This person who has no boundaries anymore.


Including me, why did I do this to myself?

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