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    21 Totally True And Scientific Facts About America

    We all have the power of George Washington within us. As told by Tumblr.

    1. Tea dumping is an international activity.

    2. We take everyone's right to burgers very seriously.

    3. Not even America is this rich.

    4. But there are hidden symbols in our money.

    5. If you can't answer you will get deported to Canada.

    6. We are all guranteed the right to free debate.

    7. All Americans are swathed in a flag in utero.

    8. Even our garbage is marketable.

    9. There's a reason we beat everyone to the moon.

    10. We soundtrack everything.

    11. Our states are the most confusing states.

    12. Our words are the most confusing words.

    13. Our national anthem is more rock 'n' roll than yours.

    14. Every person in America wears the crown.

    15. The path of America is the one that leads to glory.

    16. American means being at 11 all the time.

    17. The power of George Washington is in all of us.

    18. This country was founded on Mean Girls.

    19. The world is forced to acknowledge our coolness.

    20. Pumpkin sailing for freedom is a (blood) sport.


    (We're a little gay for England.)