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17 Times Tumblr Explained A Thing Better Than School

No for real, why didn't I learn this in school?

1. That time Tumblr explained the historical importance of saying no to ~dRUGs~.

2. When it showed you how to retweet for justice. #emnpctnprclmtn

3. That time Tumblr explained how to go from green to red successfully.

4. And how to talk about butts.

5. When it explained how to make quicksand your bitch.

6. And reminded you that any legit horror movie NEEDS rock 'n' roll.

7. When Tumblr explained how to chiastic structure.

8. And reminded you that a driver's license doesn't guarantee freedom.

9. That time it explained the anatomy of THE SCARIEST THING THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN TO YOU.


11. Also (ye olde) FASHUN FASHUN FASHUN.

12. Everyday legalities of whom to call?

13. And gave you the cultural context for when to NOT photoshop.

14. That time it made Sparknotes more accessible.

15. And showed you the future.

16. And how to ombre your drunk brunch.

17. And most importantly: That time Tumblr explained the secrets of ACTING!