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22 Times The "Teen Wolf" Cast Was Too Adorable For Words

No one loves Teen Wolf more than those teen wolves.

1. That time Dylan O'Brien basically trapped his friends inside a mountain ash circle forever till the end of time.

2. That time Crystal Reed shared her dream deferred.

3. That time Dylan O'Brien just had to express himself through dance.

4. No seriously, his hips* don't lie.

*Guest starring Tyler Posey.

5. That time Keahu Kahuanui applauded for moms.

6. That time Linden Asbhy was an actual proud papa.

7. That time this puppy cuddled a smaller puppy.

8. That time Arden Cho fangirled over her fellow cast.

9. That time Holland Roden flawlessly impersonated Tyler Posey.

10. Actually any and all impressions the cast does of each other.

11. That time Tyler Posey got fact-checked Tyler Hoechlin.

12. That time there were sadly no dollar bills to be thrown.

13. That time Crystal Reed couldn't catch a break.

14. That time Posey told the world he was a monster.

15. And illuminated the world to the ways of the wolf.

16. That time that Daniel Sharman vindicated America's secession.

17. That time the Tylers Tylered.

18. This. Fucking. Time.

19. That time when you were like same Holland Roden, same.

20. That time Tyler was shocked to find out he had developed a serious case of Sterek.

21. That time Linden Ashby had to pour one out.

22. That time Tyler Posey was just as bad at life as you.