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23 Times Orlando Jones Won The Internet

Autofollow. Autofollow hard.

1. That time he was like hey lemme get at that Sleepy Hollow fanfic.

2. And then used a gif of himself to post his reaction to mpreg.

3. That time he philosophized about Rule 34.

4. That time he issued official reaction gifs of himself.

5. That time he punked Tyler Perry with puns and wigs.

Best April Fool's joke or best April Fool's joke?

6. That time he took this inexplicable but perfect picture with Queen Latifah.

7. That time he was "oh hahaha just me and my besties playing baseball <3".

8. And then hyped on chibi-fied fanart of said epic outing.


10. That time he recruited you, and you actually said yes.

11. That time he reacted appropriately to flower crowns.

12. That time he agreed to marry a person and a TV show.

13. And proved in the same post that his tag game was too strong.

14. That time he asked super important questions.

15. That time he shipped Irving/Headless Horseman.

16. That time he serenaded us.

17. That time he wrote some pretty in character flash fic.

18. That time he was like yo let's make that crossover that will break the internet happen.

If only in photoshop anyway.

19. That time he was like for your consideration, and we legit considered it.

20. That time we thought we were teaching him to fandom, but he was teaching us all along.

Yes he squashed the ship wars. Yes it was awesome.

21. And took ultimate command of this ship.

22. That time he was like you thought you were watching the thing, but you were actually watching the other thing.

23. That time he wrote the most sincere wonderful letter to fandom ever.

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