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25 Times Lee Pace Won Your Heart In 2014

And, um, maybe also destroyed your loins.

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2. That time he graciously graced fans with the the Pushing Daisies kiss we've been waiting FIVE WHOLE YEARS FOR?!?!?! / Via


4. That time he was such a precious delightful angel that other celebs couldn't help but fangirl over him.

7. That time he proved no one looks as good as he does with live meerkats crawling all over them.

8. Every single time he nailed the art of the #elfie.

#elfie #Thranduil #onelasttime @TheHobbitMovie @TheTodayShow

Lee Pace@leepaceFollow

#Thranduil #onelasttime @TheHobbitMovie @TheTodayShow

9:33 AM - 11 Dec 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

9. That time he was adorably happy to find more of his blue brethren.

18. That time he was just casually texting through the galaxy.

Tony Stark is flipping his shit right now. How do you get cell service in space.

20. That time he invited us on a date to pet lions and all our dreams came true.

Tonight: Me. You. @jimmykimmel @TheHobbitMovie #OneLastTime

Lee Pace@leepaceFollow

Tonight: Me. You. @jimmykimmel
@TheHobbitMovie #OneLastTime

3:04 PM - 15 Dec 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

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